A message from our team

Here at Anime is Luv we aim to spread the Power, Joy and Luv in which anime holds.

Comprised of a strong team of avid anime fans and clothing industry veterans, we are based out of Toronto, Canada. We are always looking for new designs and different ways to bring  anime into reality. 

We are always expanding our product lines and aim to bring more merchandise to our store as often as possible.

Whether your an anime stan, an OTAKU like us, or just looking for street wear clothing that will upgrade your style, we've got your back. 

What we offer...


Our store is most known for our hoodies, made of high quality fabrics and long lasting dyes and prints. Our hoodies offer a street wear and comfy feel, allowing them to be styled with virtually any outfit. 

Our Hoodies are have an inclusive unisex design, allowing bodies of all types to wear them with confidence and pride. 

We offer hoodies in Asian size XXS to 4XL, customers can convert our store size to US or EUR sizing using the sizing guide.

For Hoodies we Currently offer...


Our newly released anime t-shirts / tees were an immediate hit among our repeat customers and avid anime fans.  

For t-shirts / tees we Currently offer...


See our exclusive sweatpants collection here

LED Lights

If you are looking to improve the atmosphere in your bedroom, study room or OTAKU corner, our anime LED lights are perfect for you.

For LED lights we currently offer...


Our beautiful posters can improve the mood in your bedroom. Created with the highest quality inks and materials, our posters look good framed and unframed. 

We have made sure to include a variety of styles and artistic approaches the posters we offer and aim to design and release more shortly. 

For artwork we currently offer...

Phone Cases

We offer a wide array of amazing phone case designs which you can choose from. We aimed to make our cases relatively inexpensive so that all anime fans can bring a piece of their favorite anime into reality. 

For phone cases we currently offer....

Hats & Caps

Whether its the dead of winter or peak of summer, we've got anime beanies, baseball caps and bucket hats that will protect your head from the elements. 

For Hats & Caps we currently offer...