8 Best Anime For Beginners - Intro To Anime

Anime Is Luv :
A lot of the time newcomers in the anime community can be easily turned off by an anime that is maybe a little to cheesy or are intimidated by a series that is 500+ episodes. This is totally acceptable and understandable, so we've carefully selected 8 anime that anyone new to anime should have a pleasant experience watching. 

1. Death Note


Light Yagami was a normal high-schooler until the day he stumbled upon an odd notebook. Curious in nature, Light discovers that the notebook holds the power of a god. Specifically, the notebook possesses the power of a god of death.

When written in, the notebook will kill whoever's name is written in it, so long as their name is correct and the notebook user is picturing their face. 

Blinded by this godly power and naming himself Kira, Light takes it upon himself to serve as the worlds justice system. He mercilessly kills any criminal who he deems evil. However, trouble arises when an infamous detective, with a mind similar to Lights, begins his investigation into finding out who Kira is. 

2. Avatar The Last Airbender


Despite debate over whether or not Avatar The Last Airbender is an anime or not, we could not resist including it in our list. The series is without a doubt, one of the best series to light the way into the world of anime.

The main character and protagonist, Aang, discovers he is able to control the four elements, Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Unlike others who can only control one or no elements, it is Aangs duty as the Avatar to maintain world peace. Aang joins forces with a few other young benders, and they seek out to save the world from the century long conflict between the four nations; Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

3. The Great Pretender


A novice pickpocket, Makoto Edamura, steals from the wrong man one day. The man confronts Makoto, and reveals himself to be a con-man named Laurent Thierry. Recognizing Makoto's potential, Laurent takes Makoto under his wing. It's then that Makoto enters a life full of elaborate heists, schemes, and acts of fraud. Makoto, Laurent  and a group of highly skilled con-artists jump city to city searching for the next biggest con. 

4. Howls Moving Castle


A young girl, Sophie, lived a relatively dull life, working in her fathers hat shop since a small child. It is only when she befriends a Wizard name Howl, that her life becomes a dream full of excitement and magic. However, an evil witch castes a spell upon Sophie, aging her to an elderly woman. Howl must use his magical talents, and utilize his magic moving castle to defeat the witch and return Sophie to her former youth. 

5. Tokyo Revengers 


Hanagaki Takemichi, 26 years old, has lived nothing short of a sad and boring life. It not until his death, that he wakes up 12 years in the past and is given the opportunity to change his future. Waking up from his death as a teenager, he involves himself in a prominent gang, aiming to gain influence capable of stopping tragedies and downfalls during his teenage years. 

6. Demon Slayer


Tanjiro, a kindhearted teenage boy returns home to find his entire family slaughtered by demons. However, he finds his eldest sister, Nezuko has been turned into a demon. Horrified, Tanjiro sets out to fix his sister and avenge his family by becoming a member of the Demon Slayer Corps. 

Through grueling work, and many close calls, Tanjiro becomes a demon slayer and joins forces with two other demon slayer boys. Together, they work their way up the Demon Slayer ranks and push themselves to their limits.

7. Hunter x Hunter


Ironically inspired by his dad who left him at a young age, Gon sets out to become a pro-hunter just as his dad is. A pro-hunter is a licensed professional who is extremely skilled in the pursuit of dangerous beasts and animal species. When attempting to earn his pro-hunter license, Gon meets a young boy named Killua who was raised by a family or renowned assassins. 

Although both Gon and Killua already possess expectational athletic abilities and combat skills, they quickly find out that they are nowhere near the level which the best pro-hunters are. 

8. Attack On Titan


 Living behind three godly walls that protect from man eating Titans, Eren Yeager and his friends find themselves no longer protected from the Titans. After Titans invade and devour many people close to Eren, he vows to annihilate every Titan on Earth. Eren trains to become a member of the Scout Regiment, an elite group of Titan killers who are humanities last hope for survival. Along the way, Eren loses many friends, and changes as a person, and not necessarily for the best.