Tanjiro & Demon Slayer Mask

Tanjiro's Mask x Demon Slayer - Anime Phone Case

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Demon Slayer iPhone Case

Take a look at our Demon Slayer iPhone case featuring Tanjiro, the Demon King. Our iPhone case is durable, splash-proof, and dust-proof which protects your trusty smartphone from the elements. Show off your luv for Demon Slayer with our anime phone cases!

Key features:

  • Shock-resistant
  • Splash-proof
  • Dust-proof


Material : Made of Eco-Friendly Thermoplastic Polymer, the material is crossed between a rubber and plastic texture; this allows for maximum flexibility and durability. While smooth to the touch, this anime phone case maintains excellent hand to phone grip.

Ultra-lightweight: Made to feel weightless, yet still provide significant protection.

Perfect Fit : Designed with laser accuracy, the case is ensured to fit perfectly around the edges of your phone; stopping dust and hard particles from entering your phone. All while keeping all ports fully accessible