6 Dark Fantasy Anime to Watch

Anime Is Luv :

Dark fantasy anime is not for the faint-hearted. It plunges viewers into a world of despair and violence. Nonetheless, you shouldn't this genre of anime intimidate you, as dark fantasy anime can be exceptionally entertaining. We've put together what we think are 6 must watch dark fantasy anime you won't want to miss out on.  

1. Dorohedoro


Dorohedoro follows the story of a reptilian man named Caiman who has lost his memories. Caiman and his friend, Nikaido, enter the Hole, a city of magic users held in another dimension. In the Hole, a city that is seemingly lawless, he works together with Nikaido to retrieve his memories. Caiman and Naikaido have no shortage of brutal and violent encounter in the Hole, fighting without mercy at every chance they get. 

The series is a great option for anyone who enjoy post-apocalyptic settings, magical realms and combat. The animation is also a great experience for viewers, as MAPPA was sure to pack as much depth and detail into their 3D animation.

Length: 12
Studio: MAPPA 

2. AJin


After being struck dead by a bus, Kei Nagai immediately awakens from the dead, revealed to be an Ajin. Ajins are immortal beings, first sighted 17 years before Kei's story begun. Labeled the "Soldier of God", the first Ajin was found rampaging with his immortality killing African soldiers. 

Ajins now demonized by the world, Kei is forced to run from the authorities. Along they way meeting with death multiple times and discovering what power he holds. If you are a fan of CGI animation, much like the animation you often see in video games, Ajin will be an enjoyable watch. 

Length: 26 ep
Studio: Polygon Pictures

3. Made in abyss 


Don’t let its seemingly kid friendly animation style fool you, as Made in Abyss is nothing short of a unsettling horror series. Made by Kinema Citrus, there’s no holding back when it comes to the gore and pain characters are subject to.

The series is a story of adventure, following a young orphan named Riko, who aspires to become a cave raider. The Abyss being an unexplored, other worldly cave system, is inhabited by dangerous species and artifacts. Riko ventures into the Abyss, and stumbles upon a robot boy around her age.

Length: 23
Studio: Kinema Citrus

4. Attack on Titan


Chances are if you have heard the word “anime”, you’ve heard the words “Attack On Titan”. The series continues to dominate the ranks for the greatest show of all time on IMBd, earning 9.1/10 IMBd score and 96% Rotten Tomatoes.

The series follows the story of Eren Yeager from the age 10 to 19. Eren lived with his parents and close friend Mikasa, until one day when tragedy struck.

The walls that guarded Eren’s city were breached, and the Titans which the walls protected from, flooded the city. Titans are an unknown man-eating species and create nothing but chaos. When the Titans invaded, Eren lost many people close to him, and experienced trauma unlike anything imaginable. It was then that Eren vowed to destroy every last Titan, even if it meant the death of him.

Length: 86 ep
Studio: Wit Studio & MAPPA 

5. Berserk


If your looking for DARK fantasy, Berserk isn't going to let you down. The series is bound to plunge you into a world of distress inducing stories. The fight scenes are gory, and intense, watching Guts, the main character fight is always captivating.

Guts is known as the “Black Swordsman”, and certainly has a back story worth learning. His lifetime of trauma and hardships, shaping him into the genius he is.

Length: 25 ep
Studio: Nippon Television 

6. Devilman Crybaby


When demons are abruptly reawakened, and teenage boy Akira Fudo becomes becomes a demon, humanity is plunged into a world of disorder. Demons are terrible creatures, the furthest things from human. However, when Akira became a demon he manages to keep his human heart, and in turn, keep part of his humanity. 

Alongside his long time friend Ryo, they fight demons to prevent demons from reclaiming the human world. 

The series is worth the watch, the animation, soundtrack and plot nothing short of amazing. The series isn't particularly gory, however definitely captures the essence of dark fantasy. 

Length: 10
Studio: Science SARU